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But Who will Enforce the FCC EEO Rules?

I was reading a children’s bedtime book, “But Who Will Bell The Cats?” , with my children last night. The story was based on an Aesop fable about how an assembly of mice determined that the best way for them to know when one of the many cats that occupied the palace they lived in was around the corner was to place bells around all of the cats necks.  It would be an early warning system to signal when trouble was brewing.  After the smart and wise mice explained their solution, the eldest and most wisest mouse asked the very important question, “but who will bell the cats?”

As I read the story, I thought about a recent article which said the FCC has not enforced its equal employment opportunity rules in over a year. In that time, the FCC has focused on many other things but not the enforcement of rules that are vital to our community. In order to save face, the FCC should take a step back to figure out the best way forward and then focus its attention on the issues that matter most to Americans, especially African Americans, starting with better enforcement of the equal employment opportunity rules.

If the agency tasked with enforcing the Equal Employment Opportunity rules for broadcasters refuses to do it, who will?

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