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Google on Transparency: Sometimes Yes. Sometimes No.

I thought it was interesting that my friends at Google are asking the government to impose more transparency on mobile broadband speed data which I am ALL FOR, by the way!  A recent Communications Daily article summarized Google’s formal arguments:

Google encouraged the FCC to “collect a diverse range of metrics” for mobile broadband services and make the information widely available. It urged the use of “multiple complementary” methodologies including the “crowd sourcing” criticized by wireless carriers. “Markets rely on information to function properly,” Google said. “Despite the importance of broadband access to our nation, there is a lack of reliable, up-to-date, and readily accessible information about actual performance of broadband service offerings available in the marketplace today. This is especially true with respect to mobile networks.”

But I found it a little hypocritical considering Google doesn’t feel that way about transparency when it comes to sharing its own EEO record, as first reported by the San Jose Mercury News. Others are wondering the same thing.

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