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Is Venture Capital Having a Mid-life Crisis?


Small Business Labs had a neat post summarizing a post from Knowledge at Wharton (the UPenn Business school blog)

Interesting…take a look:

Mid-life Crisis? Venture Capital Acts its Age from Knowledge at Wharton is a good summary of the issues facing the venture capital industry.

A quick summary is:

  • too many funds
  • funds are too big
  • too much capital chasing good deals
  • good deal valuations too high
  • holding periods too long
  • too few exits, especially IPOs
  • low exit valuations

The net of all this is, of course, low returns.

Nothing really new here – the travails of the VC industry are widely reported.  But this is one of the best short summaries I’ve seen.

BTW if you don’t follow Knowledge at Wharton, you should.  Consistently good information.

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