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Positioning Our Children to Get Ahead of the Broadband Curve

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TMCNet reported on a refreshing editorial recently in the Washington Post about how the policy makers pushing for universal broadband should focus on getting networks to deliver important services to unserved anchor institutions rather than focus on how to raise the United States’s broadband adoption, access and use  rankings among other countries.

I agree with the premise of the editorial which stated that as new categories of content are developed (such as telehealth and medicine and public safety related content), children and young people need to be educated on how to harness those next generation applications, services and content.

We cannot change the past, especially for those who have already gone through the education system without accessing all of the benefits of broadband and new online services and options. But on a going forward basis, the key to cultivating an aware society of citizens that are taking advantage of the benefits of broadband is to make sure going forward they are educated and armed with the proper tools . That way we start with a clean slate. Tangential to this focus, there must be a push to get network providers ( with government help perhaps)  to wire as many schools, libraries, community health centers and other anchor institutions with the necessary infrastructure.  Doing so will make it easier for all sectors of the nation to be able  to take advantage of developing technology, content and resources as they roll out.  Getting ahead of the curve may be one means of meeting the goal of universal broadband adoption.

It could be a short cut to get ahead of the line. By positioning our youth to be able to take advantage of 5th and 6th generation services and resources, we have a fighting chance of making sure our economy can thrive and excel!

Who’s ready for the digital revolution? I know I am.

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