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Get your Biz Plan Ready & Meet w/ Venture Capitalist at FCC OBO Workshop

The FCC will conduct its annual Capitalization Strategies Workshop on November 12, 2010, from 9:00am until 4:30pm in the FCC Commission Meeting Room. We will have panel discussions in the morning by private venture capitalists and a panel to discuss government funding of businesses. We will also have breakout sessions in the afternoon for those businesses who would like feedback from our panelists regarding their business plans. In order to participate, in the workshop please register by emailing Ms. Karen Beverly at or by calling at 202 418-0990. If you would like your company to have a 30-minute breakout session with one of our panelists, please so indicate and be prepared to provide a business plan well in advance of our Workshop!

Get your stuff in order people and get it moving!!! I know I will!

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