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Top 5 Political Campaign Ads (audio)

After listening to dozens of campaign ads leading up to the mid term elections this November 2, I put together my pick of the

Top 5 Political Campaign Ads

The Most Controversial; The Most Creative; The Most Provocative; The Most Compelling; and The Most Funny

I shared it this week with listeners the Blog Talk Radio Show Right of Black that I cohost each Thursday at 9pm!

Take a listen!

check out the videos:

Latinos for Reform: Don’t Vote – MOST CONTROVERSIAL

Rick Barber for 2d Congressional district Alabama – Gather Your Armies – MOST PROVOCATIVE

Christine O’Donnell – I’m Not a Witch (Autotune) – MOST FUNNY

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Meg Whitman Echo – MOST CREATIVE

Princess Lisa Murkowski -Tea Party – MOST COMPELLING

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