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I was with you, Mr. Web Founder, until the end…

The guy who is being credited as the founder of the Internet for writing the first web client and server in 1990, Tim Berners-Lee, issued an article in the new Scientific American calling on users to realize their control over the Internet and do what is in their power to limit corporate interest from taking it over.  I agree that the Internet should not be corporate controlled and a lot of what the good social scientist was saying was making sense until the end when he got to the part about appying net neutrality to wireless.

I do not the think the science supports unlimited, unmanned and unmonitored free for all approach to a medium that has limited capacity.

The answer may be for the network engineers to work this out with consumers and the government but keeping in mind consumers, users, statutory limits and hammer out the challenges.

Alton Drew talked  on his blog about the challenges of altering the framework of a medium that most minorities use to access broadband and I too am concerened.  Berners-Lee may be on to something, but we still have to act within the confines of reality and practicality when it comes to this issue.

I am exhausted over this all because while I realize it is very important for the future of the internet, I am not certain it has to be as difficult as it has been.

Meanwhile, friends and clients are still complaining that the private equity and financial markets are STILL not opening up while all these matters remain unresolved…

READ More about Tim Berners-Lee’s thoughts in Tech Daily Dose.

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