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Field Trip to a historic vote on Open Internet at the FCC

I went down to the FCC today to be part of the vote.  I arrived a just in the nick of time to an already full to capacity room. Because I was covering the event for Politc365, I got one of a few plum spots in the reporters’ gallery. Score!

I spotted GiGi Sohn, President of Public Knowledge who I keep up with on Twitter and Facebook but haven’t seen physically since she and I worked together when I was a fellow at the Institute for Public Representation at Georgetown University Law Center and she worked at Media Access Project. Chatted briefly and settled into my spot.

I tweeted the meeting LIVE and took notes on my Blackberry, using the Word To Go application.

I had to peel out of the spot early to pick up my kids who were released from school early that day, but I kept up with the remainder of the meeting via my fellow Twitterers.

I’m putting together an analysis based on my impressions and reading the several dozen reports, stories and analyses that have been released by others for publication on tomorrow.

I must say, I was taken most by the colorful hyperbole, metaphors and language used by Commissioner McDowell below:

Net Neutrality, McDowell Dissent

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