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Right of Black Co-host takes on Tucker Carlson’s Vick Comments

Last Tuesday, during the slow political news week, Tucker Carlson while sitting in for Sean Hannity on Fox replied to President Obama voicing approval for Vick’s return. During the piece (seen above) he suggests that Vick should have been executed for his dog fighting offenses.

Because the holidays had me so busy, I totally missed some very insightful Twitter comments my Right of Black talk radio co-host Shanon D Murray made on December 29 in reply to this drivel.

Here is a recap of Shanon’s tweets for those who missed it and are not privy to receiving Shanon’s tweets.

What I’m tired of is this country’s patriarchal devotion to demonizing and lecturing black men: Isaiah Washington, Michael Vick, Kanye West, Tiger Woods, Michael Steele – the list goes on.
This pattern is about continuing to ignore black equality.

It’s about talking down to grown men in a way that suggests disapproval instead of disagreement. (looking at you Tucker Carlson).

Tucker Carlson basically said he’s willing to trade Michael Vick’s life for that of an animal.

Appalling!Apparently some folks are allowed to move beyond their bad behavior (Rush Limbaugh, Charlie Sheen, Eliot Spitzer) but others aren’t allowed.

Ben Roethlisberger was accused of 2 sexual assaults in 9 months but w/ minimal outrage. I guess dogs are more valuable than women too.

Since we are in a Twitter followers war, I am reluctant to share her account info but will nonetheless because I told myself I’d turn over a new leaf in 2011! LOL!

Follow Shanon at @ShanonDMurray on Twitter. She’s a conservative who is fearless about calling out BS for what it is, even if, and especially if it is coming from other conservatives!

or for all your latest political-tech talk, news, shares and commentary, follow ME AT @jenebaspeaks. 😀

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