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FCC goes to the Hill to defend network neutrality

If you have 3 hours to kill, you can hear the FCC Chairman make the misstep of assuming that a dynamic, constantly moving and changing resource that is currently working wonderfully NOW to promote innovation, growth and investment needs to be regulated.

Regulation has its place during market failure, and it is scary to think what may happen under the regulatory regime as adopted by the FCC last month.

During the hearing, several Republicans from the a House Communications and Internet Subcommittee questioned how the FCC rationalized regulation in an environment that is thriving and has not displayed any outward or excessive evidence of a shut down needing government intervention.

It does not appear that Genachowski made the case.  It reflects a fundamental misunderstanding for how investment and business works. At this day and age, there are other alternatives to regulation because we certainly do not want private sector dollars slowing down even further or being thwarted. Not now. Not in this economy.

Subcommittee Chairman Greg Walden (R-OR) already filed language in Congress to block funding for the FCC to implement its new network neutrality rules.

Commissioners Michael Copps, Robert McDowell, Mignon Clyburn and Meredith Attwell Baker also all testified yesterday.

Check out the CSPAN replay here.

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