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Visual of the audience at Obama’s Chamber of Commerce talk (photos)

Okay, so I listened to  President Obama deliver an address to the US Chamber of Commerce yesterday on the radio. The purpose, among other things,  was to reconcile/mend fences with the business community considering how rocky the relationship between the POTUS and the business community started out. During the speech, the president said, “I get it” and noted that shareholders require businesses to do what’s cost effective and will maximize profits. In acknowledgment, he’s made part of his multi-part  proposal to have America “Winning for the Future” (or WTF for short), an initiative to revisit and get rid of regulations that stall businesses from growing and creating jobs.

However, he also did a little “finger wagging” noting that some regulation is necessary and when there is wanton absence of regulation you get something like the Wall Street collapse which was not good for all businesses and most people.

What stood out to me while listening to the address was the near silent room. I think I heard crickets at one point.

I’m certain Obama would’ve preferred to see this:

But instead, he got this.

or this:

I wasn’t there but these are photo images of what I imagined the room looked like. Email me at jenebaspeaks(at) if you can verify the accuracy of these photos! LOL! Thanks.

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