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The Most Overused Political Idiom of late…

…it is that time again to add to my 25 Most overly used political Idioms post and my other posts about political verbiage

…on deck is the word DRACONIAN, overly used recently to describe the type, nature, breadth and depth of the propose Republican budget cuts of the 2011 budget.  The government is currently being run and funded on continuing resolutions that will expire early March unless the two parties can come to a solution.  Otherwise, the government may shut down.

What does the term Draconian mean anyway?  It is defined all over the web:

  • Unreasonably harsh or severe
  • (drah COE nee-un) adj. 1. Designating a law or code of extreme severity. 2. Harsh, rigorous.

Okay, I say, it is high time to retire it to the political idiom graveyard for a spell. I know I personally am tired of hearing it spouted by the pundits,  pontificators, prognosticators, talking heads and spin doctors. Aren’t you?

Oh and it is also a heavy metal  band (see above) photo. Looks like its members have  already retired to a graveyard.  Doh!

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