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iPhone Schmiphone – I’m a Blackberry Loyalist (image tribute)

A photo of the various Blackberry’s I’ve owned over the past 11 years.

I call this photo of the various Blackberry smartphones I’ve owned over the last 11 years, “Blackberry Forever”.  I am extremely hard on my phones and have gone through up to a dozen over the past few years, but I stay true.

I will be beta testing an app for a company on an iPhone because it isn’t available for Blackberry yet, but I am pretty sure it won’t sway me from my first true love…I hope.

Here is a little history on the Blackberry from Gizmodo:

BlackBerry, the creation of Canadian company Research in Motion (RIM), which successfully meshed PDA functionality with a cell phone in a single unit. And let’s not forget the QWERTY keyboard, which has become a staple of BlackBerry devices.

But what you might not know is that the BlackBerry started off as a glorified pager, not a smartphone. In 1998, RIM created a wireless handheld device called the RIM 850/950. The two-way pager included a thumb-keyboard and was capable of handling email, contacts, and calendaring.
A year later, the BlackBerry 5790 was born, kicking off the transition from a pager-like device to more of a PDA. Several models would follow, and the BlackBerry became so popular that it was dubbed the “CrackBerry.” Now a dominant player in the smartphone market, RIM trails only Symbian in smartphone OS market share.
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