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CTIA’s new checklist helps consumers realize if they have the right carrier or services


The CTIA – the Wirelesss Association has  produced two different guides that offer consumers standardized questions to ask customer representatives when choosing their wireless service and plans.

The free guides are available on CTIA’s website and Facebook account as well as on many carriers’ websites and social networking sites.

“In our fiercely competitive industry, wireless carriers are constantly innovating to win and keep their customers by providing a wide variety of options. The CTIA Wireless Consumer Checklist Initiative will help ensure wireless consumers understand their choices when selecting the services and devices that best meet their needs,” said Steve Largent, president and CEO of CTIA-The Wireless Association.

With a variety of options for voice, data and text messages, CTIA and many member carriers have developed and offer these guides as yet another tool to help consumers learn the applicable terms and conditions and ensure they’re on the right plans and devices.

The CTIA Wireless Consumer Checklist Initiative consists of a one-page frequently asked questions (FAQ) guide about a provider’s general service and device offerings. This includes coverage area; contract terms and trial periods; usage management and monitoring tools; and parental control features. Once consumers have narrowed their choices, the “Checklist for Choosing Your Service and Device” helps individuals ask the right questions to get detailed information on available options. The one-page guide has specific questions on plans and devices; terms and charges for voice, text and data; and coverage area.

To learn more about the “CTIA Wireless Consumer Checklist” Initiative, please visit:


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