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The 18 Types of Post Facebook will Censor

PR Daily looked through the Facebook censorship guidelines that one of Facebook’s disgruntled employees leaked and came up with 18 of the most egregious types of posts that Facebook will censor. Here they are:

1. Pictures with “any obvious sexual activity—even if naked parts are hidden from view.” (Foreplay, such as kissing or groping, is permitted, regardless of the person’s sexuality.)

2. Naked breastfeeding photos or pictures in which the nipple is clearly exposed.

3. Digital cartoon nudity; art nudity is OK.

4. Pictures of marijuana are OK as long as the user isn’t buying, selling, or growing it.

5. “Slurs or racial comments of any kind.”

6. “Versus photos” comparing two people—or an animal and a person—side by side.

7. Photo-shopped images showing a person in a negative light.

8. Images of drunk and unconscious people, or “sleeping people with things drawn on their faces.”

9. Pictures showing or approving of animal cruelty, unless it’s a depiction of food processing or hunting.

10. Violent speech (for example, “I love hearing skulls crack.”)

11. Pictures of charred, mutilated or decapitated people.

12. Images of “internal organs, bones, muscle and tendons”; however, “deep flesh wounds” and “excessive blood” are permitted, as are “crushed heads, limbs, etc. as long as no insides are showing.”

13. Holocaust denial.

14. Attacks on Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, founder of Turkey.

15. Credible threats of violence, threats against heads of state and law enforcement, and any credible “indication of terrorist activity or organized crime.”

16. Threats or serious promotion of suicide.

17. Supporting groups, people and symbols that advocate and promote eating disorders as a lifestyle.

18. Images of Self-mutilation.

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