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Trayvon Martin Million Hoodie March & At Home Solidarity PHOTOS

The Million Hoodie March in NYC on March 21 called for Justice for Trayvon

Yesterday, March 21 was a million hoodie march in New York City to Union Square in Manhattan. It was held to support and show acts of solidarity with the parents of Trayvon Martin, a 17-year old Sanford, Florida teen who was gunned down by a loose canon neighborhood watch captain, George Zimmerman.  The wanna-be cop had called police (like dozens times before since January 2012) and reported seeing a suspicious African American in a hooded sweatshirt.

Neighbors say Zimmerman, who has a violent assault record, was overly aggressive in his volunteer duties at the gated community where Martin was visiting. His dad’s fiance lived there. Zimmerman claimed self defense and was set free by a police force that allegedly changed witness testimony , refused other witnesses to give their accounts and reportedly failed to test Zimmerman for alcohol or drug use as is standard procedure. Experts listening to 911 calls have said Zimmerman sounded inebriated and he could be heard in one tape saying “F***g Coon” under his breath while telling police these “A*** get away with it”

Rally organizers urged those who could not attend last night’s rally which was held from 6pm to 10pm, to wear hoodies  and post their photos on Twitter under the hashtag #hoodiesforTrayvon, on the Justice for Travyon Martin Facebook page and another  Justice for Trayvon Facebook page that Global Grind set up (and is conspicuously using to divert traffic to photo albums that require users to click the site multiple times to get through). Others shared similar photos on their own personal Facebook and other places online.  Supporters are updating their Facebook, Twitter and other social media profiles.

They include notables like celebrated children’s advocate Marian Wright Edelman of The Children’s Defense Fund, former Michigan governor, Jennifer Granholm, MSNBC host Jane Velez-Mitchell and contributor Goldie Taylor.

Below is a  small sampling and collection of those I found online and scraped together for this post:

The Children's Defense Fund's Marion Wright Edelman


Harvard Law School's Black Law Students Association


Howard University Law Students


Jane Velez-Mitchell wore a hoodie during her show and asked viewers if she looked suspicious


Men of Howard University Law School

Former Governor of Michigan Jennifer Granholm


School Children credit: Facebook

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