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How NOT to promote your new business on GroupOn.

Great Business Idea: Using Groupon to promote your new housekeeping service and introduce more potential clients to your company.

Bad Business Idea: Underestimating the number of sales you’d get from the GroupOn offer and then having to book out services through the end of the year because you can only clean houses on your day off from your full time job. [have you heard of outsource or subcontracting?]

Worse Business Idea: Showing up to clean a house after one no-show… after postponing the follow up and spending the ENTIRE time cleaning while carrying on a conversation on your mobile phone…. did I mention the whole entire time?

Ugh! Now I know because of your loud convo that your license was suspended but you drove HERE to do the work?

We got to DO BETTER enterprising business people. Ugh!!

We’ve seen the cases where the Baker ended up losing $20,000 for offering a too good to be true deal and underestimating the response.

This is a lesson for start ups. Slow growth is key but so is planning for explosive unexpected growth just like the CrowdSpring founders. How many times have we seen a launch that got bad press when the start up’s servers couldn’t handle the demand?

I’ve seen plenty of cases like these.

It’s better to prepare for the worst and the best so you don’t lose out and damage your reputation in the process!

Now even if this women cleans my home impeccably, I would be less likely to use her service again because of all the horrible other nonsense that shrouded the service.


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