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The $130,000 smart phone – The most expensive mobile series in the world

You thought your iPhone 4s with expandable memory was expensive. That was nothing, really!  Swiss watch manufacturer Ulysse Nardin has released a phone that has already been dubbed by the “Guinness Word Records” as the “Most Expensive Mobile Phone (Cell Phone) Series” in the world!

This Android-powered phone and a mechanical watch rotor on the back which earns it its high price of $14,000 because it NEVER loses battery life and doesn’t need to be charged!

But $14K is the cheap version for this phone that has a long waiting list and can’t seem to stay on the shelves.

The premium deluxe model, The Chairman features over 3,000 hand-cut 17-karat diamonds adorning the faceplates and cost a whopping $130,000. It takes over 700 man-hours to cut all those rocks and that’s what all those G’s get you I guess.

Woweeee! Where do I sign up?! Yeah right?!

Ha! If my name were Iron Man, Bruce Wayne or James Bond maybe.

And just when I thought I had seen it all, along came this post featuring phones that run between $1.4 to $8 Million dollars! No Joke!


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