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Inauguration: The Obamas captured looking like the average smartphone-addicted family (PHOTOS)

obamas on phone

Yesterday was the 57th presidential inauguration of the 2nd term of the 44th president of the United States Barack Obama. The day started with the president and vice-president laying a wreath at Arlington cemetery, followed by the traditional morning service at St. John Episcopal church located across the street from the White House, followed by the official swearing in ceremony, parade and inaugural balls.

Phew! What a long day!

The First Family is known for being polished, picture perfect and wholesome. They’ve got to always look poised and picturesque. That’s a pretty hard standard to have to uphold during every public appearance and for so many hours as yesterday’s Inaugural festivities were.

Heck, it’s even a pretty tough standard for average folks to try to emulate.

Alas, that is why photos and TV images capturing the First Family exhibiting behavior patterns typical to the average American family put a smile on the faces of many taking the images in.

In one photo, during the inaugural parade, Sasha and Malia were spotted being typical teens taking the standard “mean mug” iPhone pic young folks love to take. [and older folks too btw]

And in another image still from NBC’s broadcast of the First Family viewing the parade, at one point, all four members of the family paused from viewing the floats and bands drift by and each fixated on their devices.  Joe Biden too could be seen on his phone as well in that image.

Aaah! So they’re a lot like us.

Yup, the shots were relateable as there are many families in America where each member is routinely and regularly fixated on his/her phone. We rely on our phones to get updates via social media tools and connect with friends…even when you’re supposed to be watching a parade being given and celebrated in your honor.

So to see the First Family pause and get their gadget fix made them even more real, and down to earth.

It was picture perfect in its own way!

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