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Tech Salaries Around the World (INFOGRAPHIC)



Just because Silicon Valley is in the United States and considered the hub of start ups and technology doesn’t mean its workers earn the most in the field.

Time doctor paired up with the guys at to come up with this interactive visual summary of salaries that IT workers globally earn.

A senior web developer in Australia earns close to $100K annually compared to close to $78,000 in the United States.  And  this chart could lead one to say, “no wonder there is outsourcing to India”. A senior developer there earns a little over $11,000.

On all scales, the graphic designer is at the bottom of the rung earning as little as half as a senior designer in some areas of the world.  Pooh! As usual, the creatives get the short end of the salary stick!

Check it out and click around for youself:

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