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Opposition to Coke Superbowl Ad had to do with browning of America too (INFOGRAPHIC)

foreign-born population


foreign-born population

During this year’s Super Bowl, we saw a lot of animosity tweeted out by some to a Coke Commercial that featured the patriotic song, “America”  (ironically written by a Lesbian). The song  in the ad had people singing in foreign languages.

There is a staunch and fervent interest by many people to not dilute America, American language and values in any shape or form, and a stern interest in making English the official language in all states.

Though something tells me that the opposition also partially has to do with  the languages and people featured in the add who are unlike the immigrants of the past.

There is a perception that America is being taken over by others from “non desirable” nations who are reluctant to be part of the American melting pot and insist on holding on to too much of the culture, tradition and *gasp* God-forbid, the language of their native land.

But It could be that they do embrace American values and opportunity but have yet learned the language and cannot sing an American song in English yet, but pesky details.

This infographic from the US Census Bureau showed that the majority of the foreign-born immigrants living in the US come from Asian and Spanish-speaking nations, compared to the 1960s when they came mainly from Europe. Currently, 40% of the American population are foreign-born (me included).  They now inhabit California, Texas, New York and Florida more than any other state in the union.

Foreign Born infographic image [Source: U.S. Census Bureau]

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