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Sleep Texting, Social Sharing Anxiety: How Social Media can be Bad for Your Health (INFOGRAPHIC)




Recent studies show that social media is messing up our relationship with our children, overtaking our daily functions, interrupting sleep and even lodging a wedge in our relationships with our significant others.

For example:

Four out of five smartphone users check their phones within the first 15 minutes of waking up and 80% of those say it’s the first thing they do in the morning, one study noted.

63% of Facebook members said they read their newsfeeds constantly, another report noted.

Another recent report found that 64% of parents spend more time with their computers than their kids.

A PEW research study discovered that 63% of smartphone users ages 18-29 sleep with their phones.

One researcher found that a significant number of teens  who slept with their phones actually sleep text, hear a text alert and respond mid-sleep with something non-sensical.

The Social Media aspect of our daily online usage may be mainly to blame due to its “addictiveness.”

A new Infographic summarizes all the various studies which reveal how social media, specifically, is actually impacting users health. Yikes!

Check it out:


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