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Which is the most powerful tablet in 2014 so far?

I am in the market for a new Tablet and so I am doing research on which ones to get and thought I’d share my findings here too.

Compared to desktops and laptops, tablets are a fairly new class of electronic devices, yet are quickly surpassing both those devices among consumers.  Tablets range in size from as small as 7 inches to as large as 11.


They were invented to fill a hole created between the small compact size of the smartphone and the larger but more cumbersome laptop. One popular use for these devices is gaming. In fact, more people today play games on these kinds of devices than dedicated gaming consoles. Tablets are popular for pretty much every type of games, from simple games like Candy Crush, or casino games that you can play here, to actual console ports of consoles as recent as N64. Some of the tablets on the market work much better for gaming than others.

Tablets can run a full range of costs. While some are more expensive, there are some models that make worthy gaming devices without breaking the bank – for those on a budget, the Advent Vegas Tegra Note 7  (above) is a good choice.

An Android tablet, this device provides an optimal gaming experience and as the name indicates the tablet has a display screen of 7 inches. This is true for the Note 7 as it comes with a Tegra 4 processor.


A second option is the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 as this tablet comes with a 1.5 GHz Exynos dual core processor – expect the tablet to provide speedy performance.

ipad miniOne tablet that works well for gaming is the popular iPad mini – the devices measures 7.9 inches.

While this is at the smaller end of the tablet scale, many find that they like its compact size especially when gaming on the go. The iPad mini does the same things that the iPad does just in a smaller size. The graphics are still very crisp and bright thanks to the 2048 x 1536 resolution and this makes graphics such as those at online casinos appear very life like which is an important quality for any gaming tablet to have.

I’m still weighing my options, while continuing research. This is a toughie!

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