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Facebook changes algorithms to Defeat Click Bait; Will suppress Publisher posts with links too



Facebook recently announced that it is taking on “Click-Bait” content shared on its site. Those are articles shared with scandalous, inflammatory and other salacious titles written to entice a reader to click the link.  Only, soon after, the reader discovers it wasn’t what he or she anticipated the piece would be about based on the headline.

Posts like these tend to get a lot of clicks, which means that these posts get shown to more people, and get shown higher up in News Feed,” Facebook wrote in a post. 

The social network site plans to take note of the amount of time readers spend on these articles, keep track of which articles are not read for along time. Then, Facebook’s algorithm will begin to suppress those articles that show readers spent less time on them as its fancy machines would identify them to likely be click-bait.

Sites like Buzzfeed, UpWorthy and the like that are notorious for “Click-Bait” headlines will have to worry, maybe.

It also announced in the same post that it will encourage publishers to simply post their article on their page from a service or directly, but without doing what a lot of people do now: post a “see more” text with a link that is placed in the caption of the photo.

Publishers that use the latter will see their posts suppressed from Facebook users’ news feeds, and from the feeds of people who have “liked” their page.

DON’T DO THIS: leave the hyperlink in the caption to the photo after it uploads onto your page, DELETE the hyperlink.

culinarian-newDO THIS: (DELETE THE LINK after the article attaches with the image)


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