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Female Tech Pioneer’s 10 Solid pieces of Advice JUST for Women Start Up Founders

Last year, I spotlighted Tech pioneer, CEO and Founder of digital customer acquisition company  ChannelNet Paula Tompkins who offered 10 solid pieces of advice for women working in the tech industry who may have limited opportunities to “lean in.” And that is where the differences between being an entrepreneur and working for a corporate entity come in.

She cannot “lean in” as Sheryl Sandberg advises in her recent book and try to have it all.

“Entrepreneurs—men and women—have to make sacrifices,” Tompkins sayd.  “Having it all is impossible.”

But women entrepreneurs bring something different to the workforce as the owners and bosses, she adds.

For example, she says she has a very collaborative and relationship-focused management and leadership style, not unlike how many women are.

“As a leader, giving performance feedback is a very important part of my role,” she says. “So when I am speak directly to staff about their performance they seem to be surprised…it’s not something they are expecting and they should be.”

Tompkins offers some solid advice and steps for success for women who are business owners in the tech field:

  1. Prepare yourself. This is big game hunting.
  2. Make sure you have the resources and available cash in the bank to withstand the scrutiny your organization will be subjected to. This endeavor will be very time consuming and expensive.
  3. Establish a detailed battle plan.  Thoroughly map the organization and assign competent and credible employees to face off with the myriad of cross organizational stakeholders involved in making decisions your company will rely on to thrive. You personally must be committed to driving and participating in the process, which can take months and even years.
  4. Make sure your feminine intuition is on hyper alert to sniff out subtle queues coming from the organization you are trying to conquer.
  5. Create an advisory board. They can be great resources. If selected properly, they can bring experience and perspective to the table.
  6.  Network with other entrepreneurs.  At times owning a business is a very lonely experience because you are isolated at the top.
  7. Know when to walk away.
  8. Be strategic, yet pay attention to the details.
  9. Trust your instincts
  10. You are the face of the company—project success and be credible. Retain your true self as a woman and don’t try to be one of the guys, but do join the male conversation.

That is some superb recommendations! Let’s make them work!

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