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The US Ebola Response by the Numbers (INFOGRAPHIC)

Create infographics   online charts

Create infographics   online charts

Last month, President Barack Obama outlined his strategy for helping West Africa contain the spread of the highly contagious disease Ebola during a visit to the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia.

In remarks during the trip, he outlined what the US is doing to control the epidemic in the nations most affected: Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea.  Specifically, he said that America is also trying to limit the economic, social, and political impact of the disease in the region; and to strengthen health security in West Africa and the United States.

In a fact sheet the White House released today, the Obama administration relayed its plan to manage the outbreak which includes accelerating the current clinical trials for a vaccine and anti-viral for widespread use among humans. It also says the US is managing the education and providing instructions and procedures for hospital workers, health departments, Emergency Medical Technicians and flight crews.  The fact sheet also announces plans to train health workers here in the US that are planning to work in South Africa.

Despite calls by some in Congress to embargo all in bound flights from West Africa to the US, the administration says it will not but instead will continue to require, among other things, that airport screeners submit all passengers to extra scrutiny including taking the temperatures of and pulling aside any with a temperature of 101 degrees for secondary screening.

Here is a breakdown of the numbers in the fact sheet in an infographic for quick and easy digestion.

The US Ebola Response by the numbers | Create Infographics



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