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Brainstorming 101: How to come up with new ideas


The first of the year is a good time to refresh and switch things up for your blog or website.  You can get someone else to re-design your layout or you can come up with new ideas on your own. But if you are not good at coming up with novel new concepts, you’re going to have to brainstorm. But what if you cannot brainstorm? came up with a strategy:


You don’t have to be creative. Some people are brilliant and some have to work hard at it. Brainstorming trains your brain to think creatively.

  • Forget about the practicality. It’s quite easy to think of an idea and dismiss it quickly because it sounds too dumb, outlandish or impractical. Write it ALL down. Many times the “outlandish” idea ended up working—or at the very least served as a springboard to an even better idea.


Don’t confuse brainstorming with a plain ideas generation. Those are great too but sometimes our brains need a little more hand-holding. While you may picture a brainstorming session as the idea frenzy where ideas just magically pop out of your brain and onto paper, getting to that point may require a little bit of practice. I’m here to walk you through it so you can unlock some brainstorming awesomeness of your own.

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