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The Google+ ‘Collections’ Is Google’s Version of Pinterest



Google + will not go gently into that good night.

Despite rumors and suggestions that the social media site is dead or drying, Google has released a new platform tool called Collections which is its answer to Pinterest.

In sum, users can create boards of images, videos and other content surrounding a specific area.

I did one to house all my social media finds here:

Social Media Articles   Collections   Google

I am also going to use it as a means of hosting all of my blog’s social media posts on a platform that is linked to Google’s search engine. I discovered that after one of my most popular Blogger blogs navigated from the Blogger/Blogspot platform that it has seen a significant dip in traffic.

That drop is partially to do with the fact that Google used to take the images I had hosted on its server and cycle them in search so they appeared higher in Google Images searches.

And even though it is just a few months old, some of the most popular collections look to have over one million followers  already. Well, technically, that’s because existing followers of an account will also get the posts the user posts to their collections automatically, so there is no opt in function.

We all are Google Collection followers! Weeeee!

I think this could be a winner for Google and Google Plus after all because curated content is king.

Social Media Tips and Tricks   Collections   Google r

I follow several collections and LOVE LOVE having it as another source of finding curated content and can add it to the checklist of sources I go to for content that include Pinterest, Stumble Upon, Twitter Lists, Buffer and Klout! Yay@

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