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4 Ways to Support the Professional Blogger in Your Life

support for professional bloggers

support for professional bloggers

A lot of bloggers and independent website owners compete with mainstream sites for the same eyeball traffic. These voices come up with unique content and insight that go unsung or un-amplified given their limited reach.

Just as bloggers and niche sites look to larger mainstream media organizations for ideas, so too do the writers and editors from the world’s preeminent and best respected sites.  There is a symbiotic relationship.

In the age of social media, we are aware that a lot of stories now originate from everyday Joes sharing their stories online.

Things go viral and spread from people’s personal Facebook pages.

In recent years, small websites and bloggers have broken stories giving them opportunity to gain more fans. The one thing owners of niche, small and new sites need most is exposure to wider audiences.

They can buy additional exposure via ads, manipulate SEO so they show up high in search traffic, break a big story or just keep creating so much great content that they grow a natural and organic traffic of repeat visitors who also share their content among their friends. All of this is not that easy to accomplish.

Until then, there are several ways that these up and coming entrepreneurial content creators can be helped by their friends, family and colleagues.

It starts as simple as sharing their content because “sharing is caring”.

In this latest 10-minute podcast, I go into three other ways that friends can help promote that vlogger, blogger or independent website owner in their life.

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