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Can you Become an Overexposed Voice in Social Media? (10 Min PODCAST)

overexposure in social media

overexposed social media

I believe in being an Early Adopter of new social media platforms. There are so many benefits to it including but not limited to, becoming an expert quickly, beating your competitors to followers in a niche area and getting easy and instant access to all the other leaders in the platform.

But there is also a risk that comes with early adoption when yours is the only voice that is shining: Overexposure.

People get used to the stage and having the eyes and ears of audiences, even small ones and then go overboard with posting so excessively that their value and messages get diluted.

There is value in “making us miss you” and creating a craving and demand for your voice but over posting and updating makes that hard.

You don’t want to post so much that you become an annoyance or disruption in someone’s day because they get dozens of alerts from one platform and half are from  you sharing mundane stuff.

One of my latest quick podcasts voice notes addresses why it can be a problem.

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