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Groups chip away at Heavy Male Tech Scene



We all know that most tech events are attended primarily by men and the male/female ratio is usually around 70/30.

This weekend, StartUP Weekend DC is hosting again its “Flip the Ratio” weekend and aims to repeat last year’s success.

It got close to 90% female participation with almost 100 attendees last year. That’s over-achiever status results.

For 54 hours beginning Friday at 6pm and ending Sunday at 8:30pm leaders, innovators, existing StartUp founders and others will divide up into groups and build a venture.

It promises to be a productive time.

You can still join! There is still time. Sign up HERE!

More groups and initiatives are aiming to make the environment more comfortable for women by actively seeking them out and drawing them to tech events.

This photo I nabbed and feature above is from Y Combinator’s annual Female Founders conference.

Last Year, Up Global hosted a  Startup Women challenge as part of an effort to help create 1,500 female-led startups.

The incentives and perks offered to women to get more to attend tech events have gotten so juicy that one guy is  Suing over it, claiming it is anti-men.

Um..okay dude! Sure, guy.


photo courtesy: YCombinator Female Founders Conference

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