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10 Things I Wish I knew When I Started Blogging 10 years Ago



Since the decision to treat my blog like a business a few years ago, I have learned a lot. I see how far bloggers who started the same time I did in 2005- 2007 have come and wondered what were they doing that I wasn’t. I eventually figured it out and had I known back then what I  know now, I would be in a better position today, and be even more successful.

And because I believe in the mantra of “sharing is caring”, I’m going to share my top Ten Things I wish I knew when I became a Blogger 10 years ago for newbies.

It’s in an embedded ebook format because I plan to offer it free to subscribers of this blog in a few days. I just need to fix the formatting and look it over for edits. Let me know if you spot anything. Thanks.

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  • Thanks for caring! I will be checking out this list and taking notes.

  • Thanks for the tips, Jeneba! I will definitely be incorporating them as I seek to grow my blog. #BLMgirl

  • The 10 tips were very helpful. The subscriber list offers such value to any business. No person is an island so connecting with those who value the person or brand is a must for success.

    I did notice a few mistakes like receive on #2, business on #4, and staying in the same tense on #5. I hope that helps. I really think it is awesome that you are sharing this tips.

  • Thanks for taking the time to comment, Latonya and for the proofread notes. I appreciate them! Glad they could be of help!

  • Awesome! Thanks for taking the time to comment, Leah! #BlMGirls rock!

  • yay! So glad you accessed them, Iris and they could help! Thanks also for taking the time to comment. I really appreciate that!

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