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Just Not Into You: Why You Should Quit Ignoring Clues of People’s True Intentions (10-MIN PODCAST- Ep 19)

ignoring clues about people's intentions

ignoring clues about people's intentions

We, women especially, have a bad habit of second guessing our instincts about people’s questionable behavior toward us, and dismissing shady treatment and words said.

This happens in business, friendship, relationship and all walks of life. People are purposeful in their actions. Few are able to avoid being transparent in their intent.

Notwithstanding this fact, we choose to ignore the fact a friend, colleague, partner or family member is 1)Actively behaving shady; 2) Passively or Actively Ignoring Us and Our Wins; or 3) Avoiding communication.

We brush off these not-so-subtle clues because we don’t want to face the music, or want to avoid conflict or put off the inevitable: re-examining the relationship and making a hard decision on whether to continue it.

Again, this applies for business and personal relationships.

For my 19th 10-Minute podcast, I discuss this conundrum we stubbornly allow ourselves to wallow in; and I do it in about 7-Minutes! Listen:


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