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Brands: Use These 30 Social Media Tips For Effective Messaging

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Experts at Social Media London released some tips and tactics from the experts on how brands can use social media  to connect to their audiences and to avoid things that users traditionally dislike, and do more of what they like.

My fave of the list from experts are summed up:

Optimize by using correct keywords;

Keep branding similar on all social media platforms;

Learn from others in your niche;

Attend to Your social media profiles regularly and don’t leave them stagnant for too long;

Use hashtags to track promotions and target conversations;

Invest in the best images;

Be Concise in messaging;

Avoid too much Self-promotion;

Use Contests and Deals to Loop folks in because people love FREE stuff;

Pay Attention to timing of posts;

Follow up when you make a connection; and

Monitor your Analytics so you can learn from what works. SOLID!

Here is an infographic Social Media released that also sums up these points:



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