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For 2016, Two New Developments for YouTube & Other Video Content Creators and Marketers to Know (PODCAST)



Happy New Year!! Are you ready to conquer 2016?! I am!

Okay, go into the new year aware of a couple of new developments related to video content!

These developments happened at the last quarter of 2015, but not a lot of people are aware or cognizant about how these changes will affect their ability to market their content and make it go viral!

First, the best platform for promoting your content to go viral has changed, and I have a new position about video scrapers and whether they hurt or help copyright holders or not.

The second development regards music in YouTube videos and NEW rights to use copyrighted music in your YouTube, Vimeo and other videos without getting penalized or a strike by YouTube!

Listen! This is a little longer than my typical 10 minutes or less videos, but I figure since I’m cramming two topics into one podcast, then it’s okay. (smile)

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