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power blogger

power blogger

So readers…after several years of giving out advice and mentoring several friends, family and colleagues on the art and craft of blogging, I have decided to create an online platform to teach broadly others what I’ve learned in my 10+ years as a blogger and over 20 years in online content creation and curation.

This week, I started promoting that platform and online school, the Digital Publishing Academy


This Friday, I launch my first course, “How to Build your Blog Brand while Blogging Part time”.

It’s FREE! Sign up HERE!

Check it out!

And…I am also soliciting other instructors out there that are already teaching a course on blogging, SEO, digital marketing, digital publishing, Adobe, graphics, Image Editing software and all things digital publishing related to join the Academy as an instructor!

Ping me at jenebaspeaks (at) Let’s talk some details.


Or you can Join the Academy as a student here!

power blogger

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