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This Ultimate Social Media Cheat Sheet Absolutely Rocks!

social media trends   Google Search

social media trends   Google Search

If you’ve ever wanted to know all about social media for your business, website or some other promotional purpose, then you’re going to need to follow Matt Banner’s On Blast Blog.

It is a gold mine of well written and carefully curated information. In his latest cheat sheet, he shares how to size images for various social media platforms, which keyboard shortcuts to use to save time, the best days to post, and what social media tools you should be  using daily. He also offers tips on generating more shares and engagement and broken down by social network, and how to write kick butt headlines!

It is a combination, of sorts of my own social media cheat sheets on the best time to post depending on the social media platform and my other which tells you how to engage audiences on several different platforms in 45 minutes.

Here is a peak at Matt’s Social Media Cheat Sheet. It’s pretty awesome!




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