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This Tool Tells You How Much Your Competitors Earn Per YouTube Video



Snoop on the Most Popular YouTubers and Find Out How Many Views You Need to Earn What They Earn

If you are just starting out as a YouTuber or are a rising YouTuber, you will want to know how many views you’ll have to earn to start making money. Or, you may be curious to know what tags your competitors or the most popular YouTubers in your niche use on their videos to promote their videos.

YouTube is the number 2 search engine in the world behind Google and tags are how you get your video in front of audiences.

A long time ago, YouTube used to share tag information but doesn’t any longer. Fortunately for us, companies pop up all time building on top of existing social media platforms.

In this quick less than 8 minute tutorial, I show you how to snoop on your competitors and find out: 1) how much money they earn on their videos so you will know how many views you’ll have to get in order to earn similar; and 2) what tags they use.

Once you know what tags they are using, you can add them to your similar video and increase your chances of being seen in search. Alternatively, if you have some ad money, you can purchase ad words and insert your competitors tags and increase the likelihood that your video will be seen BEFORE your competitors video even starts! Cool, huh?


photo: /wocintechchat

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