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Here’s My Secret for Tripling Traffic to My Websites FAST! (10 Min PODCAST)

my secrets to fast site traffic growth

About 6 months ago, the 5 blogs I run (BellyitchBlog, Techyaya, JJBraids, Picnoi  and this one) were ranked in Alexa between the 567,000 to the 14 Million most popular in the US.

No, that’s not good at all.

Just to back up a little bit, for those that don’t know, Alexa is an analytic metric in that it measures how popular your blog is, in terms of traffic, compared to the millions and billions in the world. Google and YouTube are number 1 and 2, Facebook is probably #3 and it goes down the line.

Mine were way down there.

But recently, I checked and the most popular one, Bellyitch, has spiked to become the 75,000 most popular site in the US!!!

Amazing, right?!!?!

And the other 5 are all under 250,000!!


While I realize it is a vanity metric in that a high rank makes you feel good about yourself and about the fact people are coming to your site, it doesn’t necessarily have to mean increased ad sales, product sales or anything if your blog isn’t optimized to accept traffic and convert visitors into repeat visitors and customers (if you operate an eCommerce site)

Nonetheless, there is indeed value in the rank because traffic equals more AdSense and affiliate marketing sales; and it tells potential partners that you’re getting eyeballs, and would be a worthwhile partner. You could command a higher rate for ads and sponsored posts, even though that number fluctuates.

So how did I do it? I think I have figured out 4 things I did differently. I discuss them in my latest Jenebaspeaks podcast!

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