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Get Your Content Shared Organically and Get Tons of Traffic Using QUU (AppSumo Deal)



Today, I notice that content promotion platform Quuu is going for $39 over at the deal site AppSumo.

Here is why it’s a hot deal:

First, the service usually would set you back $1200 but for the AppSumo codes which look to be selling out fast today.


We all know that sharing content organically is the most effective way to grow your audience and get your message out.


But finding the right influencers to share your content can be a grind…


You’re taking advantage of the Quuu Promote deal that AppSumo users have been scooping up in bulk!$1,200 of Quuupons to promote your content

Quuu Promote is the easiest way to get your content shared by real people who have thousands of real followers. (Ad-blockers don’t stand a chance.)

Your content is shared by entrepreneurs in your area of expertise across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ simultaneously.

All you have to do to use Quuu Promote successfully is follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. Grab the URL that will take people to your kick-ass content and create a post for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ with it
  1. Pick the category you feel your awesome content most embodies
  1. Control, and more importantly, monitor the success of your contentbeing shared & clicked on from your Quuu Promote dashboard

That’s it!

Get your Quuu Promote credits by clicking here now!

One of the reasons articles shared via Quuu Promote have so much success is because they are all manually approved.

Why is this important? More people will share your content because they know Quuu only approves quality, relevant and curated articles.

Sumolings are obsessed with this Quuu Promote deal:

$1,200 of Quuupons to promote your content

$1,200 of Quuupons to promote your content

$1,200 of Quuupons to promote your content

That is a bold statement, Peter.
Here are some FAQs:

  • Do these credits expire? Nope! Credits never expire!
  • Can I buy more than one deal? Yes! Buy as many as you want to add to your account!
  • Can I use these credits on any tier? Yes. Each credit can be used for any tier – even for the $50 tiers.
  • How long will each article be promoted? Since each credit is worth double, your article will be promoted for 60 days.
  • So how many articles can I promote in total? You will have 12 credits good for promoting 12 different articles per deal you buy. You can use the credits as quickly or as slowly as you like.
  • Is approval required? Yes. A real person reads & approves your content. Think to yourself, is this post something people want to share on their personal accounts? Read guidelines here.
  • How long is the approval process Normally, a couple of days. But because of the popularity of this deal, be a little patient during the first 2 weeks of this promotion and allow up to 5 days.
  • Really? Approved manually? Yes, the reason so many people share your content is because they trust Quuu to only approve quality, relevant and curated articles.

$1,200 of Quuupons to promote your content

You can use these credits on any of these tiers!
Usually, if you wanted to get content in front of 500,000 people for 30 days, you would have to pay $50.

But, with this killer AppSumo deal, you can get 12 double credits for only $39!

A double credit will keep content in circulation for 60 days (as opposed to the regular 30 days)!

So instead of paying $1,200 to get your content in front of people for 720 days, you only have to pay $39!

You can buy and stack as many codes as you want (until we run out) because these Quuu Promote credits never expire!

Post your articles as quickly or as slowly as you’d like.

But don’t slowly purchase this deal, because the AppSumo guys are quickly running out of codes thru this Friday, June 9!

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