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When You’re Ready to Treat Your Blog Like a Biz, ConvertKit’s the First Purchase You Must Make


Thank goodness for innovation and platforms that create tools specialized for the needs of bloggers.

While popular email marketing platforms like MailChimp and AWeber were built for the masses, there is a relatively new tool available now that was built for the blogger in mind.

So, when a blogger, YouTuber, Webinar Instructor or other Content Creator is ready to start treating her or his blog or channel like a business and to take it to the next level. ConvertKit is the very first investment they should make.

Before, a blogger may have just used her subscriber list to send periodic updates about her recent round of published blog posts, but at some point, she realizes to really monetize her audience, following and brand, she needs to sell real or digital products, online courses, ebooks, printables and other digital assets.

That’s where ConvertKit comes in.


Unlike the $300 to $3,000 investment required for complex systems that require an entire marketing team to understand and master, for just $29, users get a super simple platform that makes email marketing, email funnels and drip email or email courses super simple.

You don’t have to learn any coding and there are super easy templates. ConvertKit is smart and helps you retarget and track subscribers.

It auto-“tags” subscribers if they open an email, click a link, watch a program, make a purchase, then you can easily set up a next step like lead them down to another email funnel, or include them in a list for a future FB ad and more.

It really is worth every penny and a lifesaver!

Before I was an affiliate (links included in this post), I was a bonafide purchaser and user. At the time, I had just launched an online course and ConvertKit integrates with it and dozens of other platforms, making email marketing seamless. I’m a firm believer and I would  never go back!

All the big bloggers and content creators use it now and they agree it is perfect for digital entrepreneurs.

Again, it’s just $29 for your first 1,000 subscribers and prices increase slightly from there. Watch your list grow!

Consider signing up today!

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