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Micro v. Macro Influencers: Who Give You More Bang for Your Buck



In influencer marketing, there are conflicting reports and responses to whether macro-influencers, those with 100,000 followers or more on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or 250,000 subscribers on YouTube) or micro-influencers (with 1,000 to 100,000) perform better for brand campaigns.

MediaKix conducted a study and analyzed 742 sponsored posts from 16 top brands that work with macro and micro influencers concurrently.

The study revealed that while macro influencers get more likes, comments and reach,  performance by macro and micro influencers  is approximately equal when evaluating based solely on an engagement rate.

However, it did discover that the three brands whose campaigns it used for its case study, Sephora, Gilt and American Rag, they got more success using macro influencers.

Here is how the infographic breaks down below and check out the complete report Here! 


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