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I’m Smug Because 2 Years Ago, I Predicted Facebook’s Entering Video Will Dwarf Other Popular Social Media And Am Right



This week, Twitter announced that it will expand the minimum characters for its social media micro-blogging platform from 140 to 280 characters.

Apparently, according to tech industry analyst, this move is a direct result to the fact that Twitter has stalled in growth and is experimenting with different ways to grow.

So has Snapchat, which added 4.5 millions users, up just 3% from the previous quarter, a perceived flop, by industry standards anyway.

Meanwhile, Facebook continues to grow in earnings, revenue, users and in every other metric.

About two years ago, on January 15, 2017, I shared my perspective and hypothesis on what will happen when  Facebook entered the video market and I predicted back then that it will slowly displace all other live video platforms, and other existing social video platforms like YouTube.

I sort of also predicted that this expansion into video will propel its existing dominance.

I’m posting it here to boast that based on this week’s news about Twitter and Snapchat’s financial dip, I was correct! Ha! Watch!

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