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What is A/B Testing and How Does It Work? (Video Tutorial)



A lot of new online content creators, eCommerce shop owners, vloggers, YouTubers and others who want to market their website, products or services are unaware of the concept of A/B Testing.

It’s a marketing term in the online word that, in sum, at its most basic, is a way to compare two versions of something to figure out which performs better.

While it’s most often associated with websites and apps, Fung says the method is almost 100 years old, a Harvard Business Review summary on A/B testing states. 

To help out those of you who prefer to learn by seeing something in action versus just reading about it, I create a Quick Video Tutorial that explains Briefly What is “A/B” Testing and shows you an example of it in Action.

In this tutorial, I use’s Website Growth Tools.

If you want to download the Plugin for your WordPress website or blog,



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