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Consumers Are Ditching Big Brands for Beauty Bloggers’ Picks


Beauty Bloggers are shaking up the make up industry by recommending and promoting rising, next-big-thing companies like NYX and e.l.f. A new industry report states that the beauty segment felt a big decline in sales due to the fact that consumers are on the hunt for edgy, niche brands often touted on social media and […]

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The State of Blogging Industry (Infographic)


Blogging is not dead. It’s changing. If you are interested in getting into the game, it’s not too late. I invite you to check out some of the free courses I offer in my online learning platform, Digital Publishing Academy if you are interested in getting into the game of any of my blogging for […]

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These are the Best and Worst US Cities for Jobs 


Not everyone is about that startup and entrepreneur life. Some folks prefer the security of being employed and access to healthcare and retirement benefits. Meanwhile, it has gotten easier to get a job as the unemployment rate is continually dropping to its lowest since 2007. Employers expect to hire nearly 6 percent more college graduates […]

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LinkedIn Tech Report Reveals Investors, Founders Care Least About Diversity


Here is why diversity in tech will never get better despite all the talk, media reports and conferences about inclusion and bridging the investment and employment gap: investors and founders don’t give a flying fudge about it! Real talk. In fact, my take away from a new LinkedIn report is that they are hostile to the […]

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How to Tweak Your Facebook Page to Increase Chances of Getting Verified


Facebook recently updated and clarified its existing rules related to influencers and brands that promote other brands’ products or servicemen  on their pages. The social media site posted the new info on the site’s blog and on a brand new page created to help influencers and marketers navigate  the new changes. In summary, Facebook clarified […]

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Star Wars Characters will Teach Your Kid How to Code Using This FREE Online Game


COMPUTER SCIENCE MAY be critical to careers of the future, but kids today don’t much care about it. For the most part, they still need convincing that coding is cool. A new partnership between Code.org and Lucasfilm should help. Recently, as part of its annual Hour of Code event, Code.org launched a free online tutorial […]

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Lupe Fiasco’s Inner City StartUp Fund is a Test of Diversity’s Value

lupe fiasco neighborhood fund

I learned recently that hip hop star Lupe Fiasco has teamed up with the founder of the popular Waze app, Di-Ann Eisnor, to launch a nonprofit with a mission to “turn ideas into start-ups”  but from an unlikely source:  the inner city. Their Neighborhood Start Fund will host “idea competitions” in various neighborhoods nationwide where people […]

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Hashtags for Business & Brands 101


   Guest Post Those Seemingly Inconsequential Hashtags Are Crucial To Gaining More Exposure For Your Brand Not so many years ago, many people probably paid little attention to that pound sign on the computer keyboard. You know, the one that looks like this: #.  Then along came Twitter and what we have come to call […]

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Tools you Need To Simulcast Shoot Live Streaming Video By Yourself


Are you one of those folks who are very active with Blab, Meerkat, Periscope, YouNow and other popular live video social media apps? If you are also the type that uses Periscopes to live stream events like I have in the past, realize that you are going to need some simple and low cost tools […]

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Tumblr Founder declares ‘Peace’ with App Developers by pulling his Ad Blocker App

peace app

Knowing very well that close to 90% of apps on the market are ad-supported or based, Tumblr co-founder Marco Arment waged war when he launched a very popular ad blocker app for iOS and Apple products. Ironically, he called the App “Peace”. Well, Arment has really called for peace by pulling the very popular app […]

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