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Sell the Pitch: Create Gorgeous Biz Proposals in Minutes with This New Web-Based Platform


I pitched my services and was asked to submit a proposal to be passed around to potential clients and decision makers. Powerpoint slides are now kinda looking too much a like. Same goes with KeyNote Presentations. They don’t stand out but I want my proposal to be memorable and to close the deal. Also, with […]

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When Two Separate People’s Social Media Take on A Meme About Rihanna and Lupita Get Optioned Into a Movie, Who Gets Creative Credit?


What happens when two different internet users have share similar reactions to a popular of two mega stars two years apart and one catches the eye of people with the power to actually turn it into a movie? Confusion over creative credit happens. It started in 2014, when Tumblr user “ElizabitchTaylor” blogged a photo of pop […]

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Graduates: These are the Best and Worst States to Start A Career


With graduation season upon us, the personal-finance website WalletHub today released its report on 2017’s Best & Worst Places to Start a Career. To help recent graduates launch their careers in the right place, WalletHub’s analysts compared the 150 largest markets in the U.S. based on 23 key indicators of career-friendliness. The data set ranges […]

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15 Sponsored Networks That Coordinate Money-Making Opps for Bloggers


Wow This is the  latest edition of my multi-part series  whereby I am sharing content creation, marketing and social media promotion tips. Today, we’re talking Sponsored Network s. We’re talking blogging networks that represent bloggers, influencers and other online creators and serve as a liaison between them and the ad buying, brand, marketing and PR world. Blogging […]

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The 10 Most Popular Ad and Affiliate Networks Used to Monetize Websites

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The most traditional way that blogs, vloggers and websites earn money on visitors to their site is banner ads. For each viewer or click to an ad, they earn a small amount of money depending on the popularity of the site. The cpm (cost per thousand) rate could be as little as a penny to […]

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Ads Don’t Make Bloggers Money, Product-Selling Does Via These Platforms and Tools


It is commonly thought that bloggers, vloggers and other content creators and marketer make their money from ads and affiliate sales of partner products. However, that’s a touch-and-go and non-reliable means of monetizing their online presence. First, it is dependent on a third party deciding to advertise with them or offer up a product for […]

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