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Marketers, Bloggers, Small Biz Can Create Stunning Graphics Easy With This Tool (DEAL)


 by Ayman Al-Abdullah If you’re like me, you’re juggling a dozen projects at any given time. Most of these need some type of simple design work that just doesn’t make sense to bother your designer with. Especially if you’re just trying to get something out the door and not spend a week creating the perfect image. […]

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5 Reasons Why You’re Not as Influential As You Think You Are

Elsa Arauz DSC 2628

By Stacey Hanke You may not be as influential as you think you are. This may be a bold statement, especially because you don’t know me. But what if I’m right? Have you or your team ever considered how you, your message and the experience people have with you come across? Have you ever given […]

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5 Ways to Be Like Those People Who Know How to Balance Their Busy Lives


Guest Post I’m busy. I mean really busy. There are more things on my plate now than when my four kids were little and I was working full-time as an admissions officer and Latin teacher. The kids are mostly grown, I’m a writer now, and yet somehow I still feel busier than ever. From a […]

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When You’re Ready to Treat Your Blog Like a Biz, ConvertKit’s the First Purchase You Must Make


Thank goodness for innovation and platforms that create tools specialized for the needs of bloggers. While popular email marketing platforms like MailChimp and AWeber were built for the masses, there is a relatively new tool available now that was built for the blogger in mind. So, when a blogger, YouTuber, Webinar Instructor or other Content […]

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6 Brand New Diverse Stock Photography Companies Are Up and Running; And Black Women Started Most of Them


In the past few years, Founders of color, mainly black women, have been stepping up to fill the void in the stock photography business. Starting in August 2015, publicist and educator Jennifer Daniels launched ColorStock which offers diverse stock imagery and also that summer, Atlanta, Georgia-area creative designer and business owner Neosha Gardner and her team of mainly female […]

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Sell the Pitch: Create Gorgeous Biz Proposals in Minutes with This New Web-Based Platform


I pitched my services and was asked to submit a proposal to be passed around to potential clients and decision makers. Powerpoint slides are now kinda looking too much a like. Same goes with KeyNote Presentations. They don’t stand out but I want my proposal to be memorable and to close the deal. Also, with […]

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Diversity Pushback: The SNL, Sense8, The GetDown, Wonder Woman Case Studies


Diversity and inclusion are two buzz words in many industries because businesses pledge to be committed to these concepts and interest groups for the under- and unrepresentated demand more be done to promote diversity and inclusion. But what happens when a diversity and/or inclusion initiative a company or organization implements is forced and not organically […]

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