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New Report Shares New House GOP leaders’ ties to Business

Okay, this comes as no surprise, but it sure is great to have statistics to back up my ramblings… From the Center for Public Integrity on its report The Republican takeover of Congress not only apparently gives the Speaker’s gavel to John Boehner, it also elevates up to 25 senior GOP lawmakers to the roles […]

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increasing the White House press pool one AA blogger at a time

I was among the AfAm writers/bloggers invited for the first time to join the White House press corp to cover the President’s post-midterm press conference. …and can I tell you guys, I’m not one to point out the obvious but…. … George if our presence there didn’t increase that pool’s diversity by 710%!!! ….well I […]

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Fox returned signal to Cablevision; Background on dispute explained (audio)

This Saturday, the 3 million Cablevision customers who were unable to view Fox channels because the signals had been pulled following the breakdown of a fee dispute between Cablevision and Fox, got their signals turned back on. In essence, in the end, it looked like Cablevision took the high road on behalf of it customers […]

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Top Brands for Democrats and Republicans

Google is the top brand among Democrats, while the top brand for Republicans is – wait for it – Fox News. Those are among the latest results of a survey known as BrandIndex, according to the trade publication Advertising Age. The Ad Age story notes that some brands do well among both Democrats and Republicans, […]

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Nonprofits ask FCC to reinstate Broadcast EEO reporting

Having posted this in the past, I must say, that I, for one, am not holding my breath on the FCC acting on this anytime soon. So many things we expected from a majority Democratic Commission and now I hear rumblings of Chairman Genachowski not seeking a second appointment. We had so much hopes. Nice […]

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Violent Rhetoric on the Trail

The day after I featured Alabama’s 2nd Congressional District candidate Rick Barber’s ad which seamed to be pretty violent among the top 5 campaign ads, Politico posted an article about violent rhetoric being used on the campaign trail.  Pretty dangerous and scary stuff. It reminds me of the era in our history when political leaders […]

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Top 5 Political Campaign Ads (audio)

After listening to dozens of campaign ads leading up to the mid term elections this November 2, I put together my pick of the Top 5 Political Campaign Ads The Most Controversial; The Most Creative; The Most Provocative; The Most Compelling; and The Most Funny I shared it this week with listeners the Blog Talk Radio Show […]

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