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Coalition Fights to Keep TV Viewers Plugged In During Retrans Negotiations

So the news is out that a 31 member coalition, consisting of consumer groups, cable operators, satellite providers, telcos, and independent programmers, has gotten together to challenge those situations when broadcast networks have held cable systems in a headlock during negotiations for carriage of their channels, meanwhile ignoring the interests of innocent TV viewers. Boy […]

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But Who will Enforce the FCC EEO Rules?

I was reading a children’s bedtime book, “But Who Will Bell The Cats?” , with my children last night. The story was based on an Aesop fable about how an assembly of mice determined that the best way for them to know when one of the many cats that occupied the palace they lived in […]

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Blogging While Brown: A review

I participated in the 3rd annual gathering of bloggers of color, the 2010 Blogging While Brown Conference on June 18 and 19 in Washington, DC at the Washington Convention Center.  It was a wonderful opportunity to be in the same room as dozens of other influential political and social bloggers. There were those who I had […]

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MMTC tries Reverse Psychology on the FCC

The Minority Media and Telecommunications Council took a novel approach to trying to get the FCC to act on its promise to do something to make its equal employment opportunity rules more effective: it asked the agency to suspend the rules altogether. This unexpected request is not what you would anticipate from an organizaiton that counts […]

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A Tiered Data Plan CAN Close the Digital Divide

Now here is a concept and model that seems to be fair and may work. Economists Robe rt Shapiro and Kevin Hassetts released a white paper this week, “A New Analysis of Broadband Adoption Rates” which surmises that tiered broadband data prices may actually assist broadband adoption for lower income consumers. The fact remains that 5 to 20 […]

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Clyburn to the Rescue: Commissioner Proposes to Allocate Spectrum to More NCE, Low Power FM & AM

Finally, some movement on an issue that is not related to Network Neutrality: Spectrum Allocation.  The excellent news out of the FCC recently is that Commissioner Mignon Clyburn has announced that she will push for two non widely used channels on the broadcast spectrum, analog television channels 5 and 6, to be reallocated and used […]

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Minority Investors Could Win Big by Funding Broadband in Emerging Domestic Markets

As a follow up to my previous post about Emerging Domestic Markets, I thought I’d take a look at examples of minority investors and groups that focus in particular in investing in these markets. As is well known, wealth creation is essential to improving the lives of people of diverse ethnicities in the United States. […]

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Investing in Broadband in Emerging Domestic Markets is Key to Economic Recovery

Limited capital is among, if not, the number one reason minority and women-owned start ups fail. Rather than running away from business owners in this market, investors should be running to them especially if they consider the fact that these businesses are part of emerging domestic markets which studies conclude are key to the economy’s […]

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