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Does the media elevate extremists & under-report civility?


  The Washington Post reported last week that the Tea Party movement is not as large as people may think it is. The article set me on a rant on the role of mainstream media in elevating and providing a sound board and platform for the person or people who say the most outrageous and […]

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Fox returned signal to Cablevision; Background on dispute explained (audio)

This Saturday, the 3 million Cablevision customers who were unable to view Fox channels because the signals had been pulled following the breakdown of a fee dispute between Cablevision and Fox, got their signals turned back on. In essence, in the end, it looked like Cablevision took the high road on behalf of it customers […]

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This Election Year Just Remember this…

I saw this on the FashionablyGeek website and thought it was very fitting to repeat here: We are getting into the home stretch with the Presidential election and even though things may get heated, just remember that we are all human. We all sit on that toilet in the morning and drop a deuce. Unless you’re […]

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Congress to the rescue on the Cable retransmission battle

My friends in New York who have Cablevision are on day 14 of being without their World Series and other great Fox programming. My buds all over the country are calling and asking will they be next! Good thing for them it looks like more members of Congress are stepping up to do something about […]

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Top Brands for Democrats and Republicans

Google is the top brand among Democrats, while the top brand for Republicans is – wait for it – Fox News. Those are among the latest results of a survey known as BrandIndex, according to the trade publication Advertising Age. The Ad Age story notes that some brands do well among both Democrats and Republicans, […]

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Nonprofits ask FCC to reinstate Broadcast EEO reporting

Having posted this in the past, I must say, that I, for one, am not holding my breath on the FCC acting on this anytime soon. So many things we expected from a majority Democratic Commission and now I hear rumblings of Chairman Genachowski not seeking a second appointment. We had so much hopes. Nice […]

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Violent Rhetoric on the Trail

The day after I featured Alabama’s 2nd Congressional District candidate Rick Barber’s ad which seamed to be pretty violent among the top 5 campaign ads, Politico posted an article about violent rhetoric being used on the campaign trail.  Pretty dangerous and scary stuff. It reminds me of the era in our history when political leaders […]

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Top 5 Political Campaign Ads (audio)

After listening to dozens of campaign ads leading up to the mid term elections this November 2, I put together my pick of the Top 5 Political Campaign Ads The Most Controversial; The Most Creative; The Most Provocative; The Most Compelling; and The Most Funny I shared it this week with listeners the Blog Talk Radio Show […]

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Obama administration isn’t flinching on accusations that it is pandering for the BLACK vote

A week after the controversy over the Obama administration’s decision to invite Black bloggers and Black media to a summit at the White House, the administration is not backing down from critics saying the White House is pandering for the Black vote. In fact, The Root reports the administration has defended the summit and its […]

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What was Univision Thinking Disenfranchising its Viewers?

Politico is reporting: The Spanish-language network Univision has refused to air an ad from a GOP-led Hispanic group telling Hispanic voters to sit out the race between Sharron Angle and Harry Reid. “Univision will not be running any spots from Latinos for Reform related to voting,” said a spokeswoman for the network, Monica Talan, in […]

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