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Top 25 Washington Times, Communities, Family Today, Politics of Raising Children Blog articlesThese are the articles that were most read and made the top 10 most read articles list among all other columns during the week published

Whitney Houston: A voice of hope and patriotism is stilled – February 12, 2012

Lessons of Komen-Planned Parenthood: 10 Non-political ways to help women – February 6, 2012

Marriage advocates use Beyonce’s pregnancy to send message to single moms – September 1, 2011

Kymberly Wimberly: The McGehee valedictorian tells her story – August 12, 2011

Did DSK’s accuser lie to save daughter from female genital mutilation? – July 13, 2011

Atlanta’s Cheating Ways: School officials changed test scores – July 7, 2011

The Casey Anthony Verdict: Unpalatable, but correct – July 6, 2011

Gay marriage, straight marriage, no marriage: the case for civil unions – June 28, 2011

Focus of outrage from Rihanna’s videos is misplaced – June 7, 2011

School unions’ last hired/first fired policies punish great teachers, hurt students – May 12, 2011

Black women in business: Still invisible, still undervalued – March 17, 2011

Is giving an iPad to every student a radical socalist idea? – March 15, 2011

Why reports saying limit children’s access to media may be wrong – April 18

Black women in business: Still invisible, still undervalued – March 17, 2011

A parent’s Sputnik moment: Fixing our broken education system – January 31, 2011

Do American parents need to be more like the Chinese to compete? – January 25, 2011

Breaking the cycle of race, fear & suspicion – December 9, 2010

Take this children’s delayed-gratification challenge – December 1, 2010

You can’t be a “family values” advocate and hate social programs for babies –November 16, 2010

Can parents steer their children’s sexual orientation? – November 9, 2010

Multicultural vs. patriotic: Can we be both? – October 19, 2010

Resume-proofing the baby: Picking a name for your child –August 5, 2010

No wedding, no womb: Our daughters deserve better -September 22, 2010

In defense of the failed Dream Act immigration bill – September 27, 2010

No wedding, no womb: Our daughters deserve better – August 27, 2010

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